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Finding Neverland super dark selfie

Finding Neverland super dark selfie

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Favorite Female Characters: Miss America Chavez, Young Avengers (2013)

"Your ticket to the multiverse, princess."

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» Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. countdown to season 2 

26 Days - Favorite Female Character

Jemma Simmons
"But I also have a duty as a SHIELD scientist to pursue this,
to save lives!"

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black widow + quotes

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This photoset does things to me.

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Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Who is the best kisser? [x]

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kids are out here like “i wish i was alive during beatlemania” and im like….. beyonce is right here, right now, what is wrong with you. get right with jesus

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So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation, which, in the face of civilisation, artificially creates hells on earth, and complicates a destiny that is divine, with human fatality; so long as the three problems of the age—the degradation of man by poverty, the ruin of woman by starvation, and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night—are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible; in other words, and from a yet more extended point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless.

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Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (2014) x

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Best vine ever created ladies and gentleman

Be blessed


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