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i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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Get to know: Joanne Kelly

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Favorite Lesbian/Bi/Queer Characters: Legend of the Seeker - Cara Mason
Cara: Mord-Sith believe emotions must be governed. Sadness, remorse, love, these feelings make you weak. But anger, loyalty, pride, these feelings make you powerful.

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mockingjay trailer came out today huh

#and then actress sophie turner proceed to favourite a tweet that said ” i know you’re talking about nat dormer”


mockingjay trailer came out today huh

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shout out to natalie dormer and nicki minaj for both walking a fine line between ‘ethereal princess’ and ‘otherworldly predator’

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Tatiana’s midriff appreciation post

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Promotional trailer for Deaf West Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening in Los Angeles, CA.

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marvel movies that need to be made, stat.

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get to know me meme - 3/10 favorite female characters
↳ natasha romanoff

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3/∞ Favorite pictures of Natalie Dormer

3/ Favorite pictures of Natalie Dormer

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